Christmas Pudding Serving Suggestions with a Twist

Christmas Pudding Serving Suggestions with a Twist

Why does the Christmas Pudding continue to earn its place on the table, not just the 25th of December, but all throughout the year? We think this is because it really is one of the most versatile desserts, served warm on its own, with a delicious side, and even transformed into another dessert entirely!

Here’s a range of our favourite serving suggestions to prove it:

 1.  Christmas Pudding Trifle

    You can use your whole pudding (which you will need to break up), or save this recipe for any leftover Christmas pudding. Simply break the pudding into pieces at the bottom of the trifle bowl, flatten with the back of a spoon, and then mix with layers of custard, jelly and cream as you would a normal trifle. The pudding essentially replaces the sponge step.

    Top with fruits or chocolate shavings and/or ice cream! For an adult version you can also add some sherry or another liqueur of choice and let this soak and infuse in the fridge overnight!


    2.  Christmas Pudding "Cake Pops"

    If you have guests who watch their appetite and or prefer smaller bite sized desserts, cake pops are a fun and modern twist that maintains the same traditional Christmas pudding flavours you know and love.

     All you need to do is use a melon baller or similar tool to turn your pudding into small rounded “balls”. Insert a wooden skewer in the bottom and present them either lying flat or upright in a tall jar or vase. You can leave a central bowl (or smaller individual portions) of cream and pudding sauce and jam for guests to dip these into.

    As they are so convenient, these pudding cake pops make the perfect party canape or even gift (tie the bases together with string/ribbon and wrap the pudding pops in clear cellophane). Not only do adults love this unique take on a classic dessert, kids do too. More on that below!

    3.  Christmas Pudding Ideas for the Little Ones

    If you’re serving a separate Christmas pudding for children and want to see their eyes light up, you can adorn the top of the pudding with some sweet surprises. Edible options include Caramello Koalas or Freddo Frogs, naturally sweetened jellies or for a non-edible but equally celebrated surprise, place little figurines (such as animals or tiny people) celebrating atop the pudding! You can find these in the toy or party favour section of most local variety stores.

     4.  Dessert Pudding Sauces

    Christmas puddings don’t have a reputation for being the most aesthetically pleasing of all desserts. That’s why sticky, rich, gooey, decadent sauces are a winning combination on two levels. Not only do they elevate and enhance the taste of your Christmas pudding, but they also drip down to decorate the top and sides for added appeal. After all, we eat with our eyes first!

    Rather than just pick a traditional custard sauce, we love to mix a little Spoonable Caramel and Chocolate Sauce together with some Brandy Vanilla Liqueur Sauce for a little extra kick.

    Combining a small amount of each creates a sensational taste combination that is slightly sweet, deliciously rich and luscious. You can find our sweet dessert sauces here.


    5.  Light it Up!

    If you’re hosting a special occasion and want a showstopper, what better way than to light your pudding up with a warm, glowing flame!

    To achieve this, infuse approx. 30ml of brandy in a small pan with spices of your choice, such as a cinnamon stick, star anise and some orange zest. Heat for 1-2 minutes over medium then turn off and leave for 10-20 mins. Strain the liquid through a sieve into a jug. Spoon some in a metal ladle and hold over the flame of 3 tealights. Tilt the ladle very carefully until the brandy catches alight.

    Pour the brandy from the ladle over the pudding, which will now carry the flame for a spectacular (and temporary) blaze!


    6.  Christmas Pudding Variations

    Our Pudding Lady Christmas Pudding is also available in vegan and gluten free variations. These were created for individuals with dietary requirements that meant enjoying pudding has not been possible in the past! Even if you are not gluten free or vegan, we think you will still love the taste!

    Our speciality range puddings are just as rich and delicious as the traditional recipe and still rely on farm fresh, high-quality ingredients for the same luxurious indulgence.

    Or, if you can't beat the original Traditional Pudding Lady Christmas Pudding, it is available here in a range of shapes and sizes!