Just like the Puddings that inspired these cookies; each of the 3 mouth-watering flavours have been thoughtfully crafted from the finest mix of ingredients we know you love.

Traditional Pudding Infused Cookies
Your favourite festive Traditional Pudding treat now exists in a delicious, golden baked biscuit form.

The nostalgia of traditional pudding is infused with a medley of rich, vine ripened fruits, lingering citrus notes and a subtle symphony of delicate spices.

These are baked together and enhanced by Australian butter, sugar, and finely milled flour.


Decadent Chocolate Pudding Infused Cookies
Just when you thought Chocolate Pudding couldn’t get any better – it now exists in a delicious, baked biscuit form!

Each cookie contains hand-selected ingredients, including deluxe, real chocolate pieces, tasty vine-ripened fruits, and the rich, natural flavours of Australian butter, sugar, and finely milled flour.

Baked to Goldilocks level perfection, the results are gorgeously delightful cookies, with an ever-so-slight chewiness.

Classic Sticky Date Pudding Infused Cookies
The classic, English-favourite dessert of Sticky Date Pudding has been captured in cookie form for your enjoyment!

Imagine irresistible, perfectly ripened premium dates paired with the moreish flavours of cultivated Australian honey, Australian butter and sugar and finely milled flour, baked together to golden perfection.

Gorgeously delicate, these cookies have a shortbread-like-texture. For those who do not like an overly sweet cookie, you will adore the subtle, balanced taste that will leave you (always) wanting another one!


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