Popular Questions

How do I heat my pudding?
Our puddings are fully cooked. To reheat: Microwave: (preferred method). Remove outer cloth and pierce inner bag in 3 places with a fork. Reheat whole pudding on medium power for approx. 60 seconds per 500g or individual slices for approx 20 seconds per 100g. Check during reheating to avoid overheating. This is based on a 1000w microwave. Boiling: Remove outer cloth and immerse vacuum sealed bag in boiling water for approx 30 mins per 500g. Open onto a serving plate with care as contents will be hot.
How do I serve my pudding?
  • Cold – our puddings are fully cooked and extremely moist. Slice it and eat it just like Christmas cake.
  • Drizzle with Newcastle’s Pudding Lady Brandy Custard Sauce or Brandy Liqueur Sauce and serve with vanilla ice-cream or a dollop of double cream.
  • Cut the pudding into thin slices and fry them in butter Drizzle over some warmed maple syrup and then finish off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  • Why not flambe’ your pudding - here’s how:
    • Place the cooked pudding (whole or sliced) into a serving bowl
    • Warm the brandy over a low heat in a saucepan until heated through. Watch the brandy carefully as it could ignite spontaneously if heated too long.
    • Remove the saucepan from the heat
    • Pour the warmed brandy over the pudding in the serving dish
    • Hold a lit long-handled match near the brandy-covered pudding until it ignites
    • Wait for the flames to extinguish when the alcohol burns off and serve the pudding.
Do I need to prepare my pudding in any way?
Absolutely not. All of our puddings are fully cooked; just heat and serve!
How many servings are in each pudding?
  • 100g pudding single serve
  • 350g pudding 1-2 serves
  • 500g pudding 4-5 serves
  • 800g pudding up to 8 serves
  • 1kg pudding up to 10 serves
  • 1.5kg pudding 12-15 serves
  • 2kg pudding 15-20 serves
  • 3kg pudding 20-25 serves
  • 100g = 1 serve approximately
How do I store my pudding?
Our puddings are vacuum sealed and can be stored in a cool dry cupboard until the best before date (usually at least 1 year). If you would like to store your pudding longer we suggest that you place it in the deep freeze. Ensure that you thoroughly defrost the pudding completely before heating.
When will I receive my pudding?
We will ensure that you receive your order as safely and quickly as possible. We aim to dispatch your order within 1-2 working days. Please Note:
  • To avoid disappointment in receiving your order before Christmas we suggest that you place your order by 9:00am 16th December AEST
  • Please ensure your details are correct at the time of ordering
More details on shipping can be found here