This collection is your one stop shopping spot for all things sweet and indulgent from Newcastle's Pudding Lady.  

It includes our puddings that combine the very best Australian ingredients with Pudding Lady family traditions of love and gratitude. Bursting with rich, vine ripened fruits, creamy butter, sweet sun kissed oranges, finely milled flour, distilled Australian spirits, farm fresh eggs and superb spices from across the globe, the enjoyment of every one of our puddings is an occasion. With a long shelf life, having one of these in the pantry means you never have to go without dessert.

Our puddings always taste better with the addition of one of our premium sauces. Thick, syrupy and delicious, we add brandy and rum to our premium sauces to pick up the flavours in our puddings. One 250ml bottle is enough to enhance a kilogram of pudding but they are also scrumptious drizzled over ice cream, pancakes and berries any time of the year.

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