Working With Christmas Pudding Logs

Working With Christmas Pudding Logs

At Newcastle’s Pudding Lady we have the standard round shape puddings, but we also offer the log shape in 500 gram, 800 gram and 1 kilogram sizes. 

Our customers like this alternative as it is very easy to work with and to serve.

In fact, most of our puddings that we sell to the catering industry are in this log shape because it is so easy to slice and serve. Presentation on the dessert plate is also a lot neater!

If you like the look of a traditional wedge of pudding, then cut your Christmas Pudding Log into wedges with a diagonal cut (first to the left and then to the right) rather than a simple round slice.

Then decorate with Brandy Custard Sauce, Brandy Liqueur Sauce or Brandy Butter plus a dollop of delicious double cream.

We use exactly the same recipe for logs - we just make them a different shape. Clever aren’t we?

Storage of left overs is also better because the log shape allows you to easily and effectively seal the pudding with cling wrap once a few servings have been taken – ideal for storing leftovers or for those who may eat their way through the Pudding over several days or weeks.