The Pudding Lady Team Christmas Table Must Haves!

The Pudding Lady Team Christmas Table Must Haves!

The Pudding Lady team are lucky enough to work closely with delicious, nostalgic and traditional festive foods year-round, yet despite this, we are still full of excitement as Christmas time nears, and still look forward to seeing our special favourites on the table come December 25th.

With that said, we thought our extended Pudding Lady family (you!) may enjoy getting to know some of our team a little better…so we have shared some of the team’s absolute “must-have” favourites below (you know, that one dish you simply cannot be without at Christmas time).

Maybe you’ll find a kindred spirit who has the same great taste as you!

Our Pudding Lady Christmas table must haves:

Lesley (Factory Supervisor)

Lesley is another integral member of the Pudding Lady team, who knows what needs to happen to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and a big part of the reason why all the decadent and delicious Pudding Lady treats are always crafted to the high standard we know you expect from us.

Lesley’s absolute favourite Christmas treat isn’t too far removed from Georgie’s: “I love the incredible aroma of freshly cooked, honey-glazed ham streaming through the house. Slightly sweet, slightly savoury – it’s a winning combination! That’s the smell of Christmas to me – and there’s always plenty to go around”.

“Of course, it’s not *just* about food – no matter how old my kids are, we always get together as a family to decorate the Christmas tree and the home with sparkling lights. These little traditions together make Christmas time extra special for me”.

Image of a toddler and his mother decorating a Christmas Tree


Kristy (Technical Manager)

Early season’s greetings from Kristy; our wonderful Technical Manager. She’s responsible for all kinds of Pudding Lady tech – including maintaining and developing systems, processes and much more.

Kristy is highly innovative, both at work and at home, which is just one of the reasons why Kristy and her family love decorating a gingerbread house with the festive flair Christmas affords!

Home made gingerbread house tradition

“When it comes to Christmas day, we always enjoy fresh seafood – very fitting for a Southern Hemisphere warm Christmas – I know! We keep the table setting simple with some pretty bon bons (which makes clean up easier too)."

Georgie (Director)

Please meet Georgie, our lovely Director! When she isn’t busy monitoring and overseeing all things Pudding Lady, she’s dreaming of Christmas ham…but, not just any ole’ ham: Brandy Spiked, Marmalade Oven-Baked Ham!

Tasty Christmas Ham with Marmalade glaze

“Is there anything better than a dish that’s tender, juicy, and full of the sweet, tangy, citrusy goodness of jammy marmalade? All of these delicious flavours pair perfectly together (and the brandy inclusion lifts spirits even higher)!”

The only thing that can make Georgie’s favourite Christmas ham even better is that it’s served hot straight from the oven to the Christmas table and stays succulent to be enjoyed in the days that follow.  


Ben (Managing Director)

Ben loves working towards a goal – whether that’s Pudding Lady daily operations, innovating exciting new products (like our new Delite Bites range), or the goal of getting into the bubbles come Christmas day!

“Christmas is a celebratory occasion with the family, so whenever we get together to celebrate, champagne is involved. It has become a tradition to start our Christmas Day celebration with bubbles, and thankfully they go well with a wide range of sweet and savoury foods on the day too”!

Image of hands holding champagne glasses and cheering to a toast


Vianni (Production Planner and Marketing)

We have Vianni to thank for making sure all your Pudding Lady favourites are available in great supply both year-round and at Christmas time (among her many other responsibilities)!

She certainly has a creative flair and is a fan of a little indulgence (at Christmas time especially), so naturally Christmas Day in Vianni’s household means *all* (and we mean ALL) the trimmings!

In particular she loves a yummy roasted turkey: “It’s got to be the biggest I can find and stuffed with my mother-in-law’s famous stuffing…mmm”!

Close up image of a roasted Christmas turkey on a Christmas table setting

It should come as no surprise at all that Christmas day is also not complete without her favourite traditional dessert: the humble, mouth-wateringly good Christmas Pudding!

Image of a beautiful Pudding Lady Christmas Pudding ready to be served

If you’d like to get your own before stock sells out for this year, you can here!