The must have item on your Christmas table

The must have item on your Christmas table

The house is decked out in jolly décor, the dining table is filled with a delicious feast for all to enjoy, family and friends have gathered for a day of laughter and creating memories and the kids are buzzing with excitement.

Though, there’s one special thing that makes Christmas complete – a traditional Christmas pudding.

A recipe perfected and passed down through generations. As it was for our great-grandmothers, the traditional pudding is the ultimate symbol of love, family and sharing and deserves pride of place during the gatherings of the festive season - the perfect finale to any Christmas occasion and a fond reminder of our childhood days.

It’s the most important Christmas rule… always leave room for the pud!

Whether you like your Christmas pudding after your main meal with a side of custard, Brandy Butter or whipped cream on Christmas day or served with a cup of tea with friends as an afternoon indulgence, a traditional Christmas pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold at any occasion.

Keen for a delicious pudding on your table? We’ve got you covered! All the memories and best-kept secrets of the perfect recipe make up our Christmas puddings so that you too can share this loving tradition with your own children…and your children’s children.

Grab your Pudding Lady Pud;

They are the best in Australia and are made lovingly with a recipe that has been handed down through five generations, tied into a cloth bag and boiled to perfection.
they are made using the perfect mix of ingredients to create a rich, moist and flavourful treat and mouthwatering aroma that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family.

They are made of good things. We use the highest quality fruits and ingredients in our puddings, most of which are sourced from across Australia.

They keep for ages! Our traditional Christmas puddings are vacuum-sealed for total protection so you can store them away for later use. This makes it even easier to offer an indulgent treat to family and friends on the special occasions when they drop in for a visit.

The Pudding Lady puddings cater to all: traditional or chocolate, organic or gluten-free, for one or for many.