Sharing the Special Features of Christmas Cake

Sharing the Special Features of Christmas Cake

Have You Tried the Pudding Lady Christmas Cake?

You may already be familiar with our classic (and award-winning) Christmas pudding, but have you tried our most popular Christmas cake yet?

Although the two share some similarities, there are some distinctly delicious differences between our traditional Christmas pudding and Christmas cake!


Christmas Pudding Vs Christmas Cake

Both moreish desserts share the same base ingredients of finely milled flour, farm fresh eggs and creamy butter. They also both share the inclusion of Australian brandy, candied orange peel, rich vine ripened fruits including sultanas and raisins.

Pudding Lady Christmas Cake ingredients

However, the high-quality spices that are sourced from across the globe vary between both creations. Our Christmas cake also contains the addition of glaze cherries and whole blanched almonds on top!

Our Christmas pudding has been boiled for a rich, sticky dessert, whereas our home style Christmas cake has been adapted from a family recipe and is baked slowly to retain the moisture and develop the delicious flavours fully.


Is Christmas Cake the Same as Fruit Cake?

They are extremely similar; however, some bakers like to ice or use marzipan on their fruit cake. We know that not everyone enjoys a super sweet Christmas cake, so to keep things versatile for everyone, we leave the option to add sauce or icing up to you!

Our Christmas fruit cake is baked ready to eat as is, but one of our traditional favourite sauces that pairs nicely is the Pudding Lady Brandy Vanilla Liqueur. You can drizzle this butterscotch-like sauce generously over your cake (and puddings and ice cream too).


Enjoy Christmas Cake Any time of the Year!

Christmas cake is no longer just a dessert reserved for the 25th of December. Life’s too short to reserve such a taste for just one day a year! The Pudding Lady team has worked hard to craft a full flavoured cake that can be enjoyed any time of the year.


Morning Tea

Nothing quite compares to a little slice of baked, fruit-filled goodness with a warm cup of tea to prepare you for the rest of your day. It’s also the perfect dessert to whip out last minute when you have friends or family around, or when you are asked to bring morning tea to someone’s house. Ready in just minutes, all you really need is plates, utensils and enough space in your stomach!

Cup of tea and Christmas Cake fruit cake

Afternoon Tea

There’s a reason why tea and Christmas cake go so well together! The fruity inclusions and baked goodness of the cake are enhanced and complemented by the warmth of your tea. In fact, tea helps to “open” the aromas when you take a little sip after or between each bite.

English breakfast or Earl Grey are classic choices, but herbal fruit blends such as apple cinnamon and green or white tea are also excellent options to accompany your slice of Christmas cake at afternoon tea.

The sugars from the fruit in the cake also serve as the perfect pick-me-up to what for many of us is an “afternoon energy slump”!

Plus, the perfect, balanced ratios of quality ingredients in our Christmas cake make it a perfect afternoon treat that won’t ruin your appetite for dinner.


After Dinner Dessert

Hopefully we aren’t the only ones who “need a little something sweet” after dinner! Look no further than a slice of Christmas cake for a rich, fruity and moist solution – we’ll leave the serving size up to you! Even though Christmas cake originates in Britain, we think it is an excellent dessert choice regardless of your main meal, be that a stir-fry, Sunday roast, salad or pasta!

What’s more, according to research conducted by the Sleep Foundation, certain ingredients such as cherries and nuts (including almonds which are in our cake) can even help you have a more restful sleep. This is because they contain varying levels of melatonin and essential minerals that can help your body relax a little easier.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • You don’t need an oven for our Christmas cake – all the hard work has been meticulously taken care of for you, just serve according to your tastes
  • Our Christmas cakes also make a fantastic gift (as a thank you, birthday present or anytime surprise) for a friend or loved one. They are available in 4 different sizes (350g, 500g, 750g and 1kg) and come beautifully packaged in a gift box 
  • Remember to order in advance in the months before Christmas to avoid disappointment (our cakes and puddings are in even more demand over this time)

The Pudding Lady Christmas cake is available for purchase here!

Pudding Lady Christmas Cakes boxed 4 sizes