What to do with leftover Christmas Puddings

What to do with leftover Christmas Puddings

In many families the pudding is as much about the left overs as it is about Christmas dinner.

If you have the odd slice of plum pudding left at New Year, here’s how to turn it into an iconic dessert. It’s a variation on the Italian classic, Cassata. Allow overnight for it to re-freeze.

Leftover Christmas Puddings – Ingredients
- 1-1.5 litres good-quality vanilla ice-cream and believe me it will make a difference!
- 350-500g Newcastle’s Pudding Lady plum pudding –this will also make a difference!
- 50g pecans, macadamias or almonds, chopped
- More dried fruit – or more pudding is even better!

Leftover Christmas Puddings – Preparation
Place the ice-cream in a metal bowl and allow it to soften at room temperature till you are just able to stir it. Work as quickly as you can. Crumble the pudding into ice-cream, add macadamias and stir well. Lightly oil a bar tin or a pudding steamer and line it with plastic wrap. As you spoon the mixture into the tin, give it a few sharp taps down on the bench – this will remove any air bubbles that may collect. Then cover the tin with more cling film and freeze for around 6 hours or overnight.

Leftover Christmas Puddings – Serving
Serve with Brandy Custard Sauce, Brandy Liqueur Sauce or just Brandy Cream and maybe a little fresh fruit, sprinkled with chocolate.

So that's how you turn leftover Christmas puddings into the Italian classic, Cassata.