How to Have a Perfect Christmas in July

How to Have a Perfect Christmas in July


 Many of us have a strong attachment to the tradition of celebrating Christmas in cold weather.  For some of us the idea of celebrating the magical time of Christmas twice in a year is too good to pass up.  That is why there is Christmas in July also known as Yulefest or Yuletide in Australia.

Think mulled wine, crazy Christmas jumpers and fun times with family and friends and think food!  Beautifully set tables spread with scrumptious food, from roasted turkey, glazed ham with roasted vegetables to a seafood and salad extravaganza, all finishing with an indulgent Pudding and sauce.  Everyone has their own traditions and recipes to ensure their celebration is a special one and that left overs can be enjoyed for days to follow!

Below are some handy tips on how to make your Christmas in July stress free, memorable and delicious for everyone.

Inviting friends & Family for Christmas in July

Inviting someone for Christmas in July (in-laws, other family members, or friends), do it in person or by phone and leave enough time for them to get back to you as they may have to confer with others first.  If they are unable to make it, be gracious and remember life is busy for us all (and that means there's more pudding for you!)


Dietary requirements -

Anyone joining you that you haven't entertained before or seen in a while, make the effort to ask for any dietary requirements so you are prepared (It's so common that people develop intolerance or change their diets for personal reasons) this is easiest when they are confirming they’re joining you. 

Table Setting –

The basic rules do not vary when laying the table. Make sure it is done prior to guests arriving, for busy days like Christmas you can do the day before.  Give each person as much elbow-room as the table permits, leaving an even amount of space between places. Knives and spoons go on the right, forks on the left. When eating, always start from your outer cutlery and work in (outer - entree, working your way into dessert) Simple!


Place Cards

Place cards are excellent to use when hosting.  Make seating a quick and stress free part of everyone’s lunch or dinner, your guests will appreciate it.

Table Setting pointers

Suggested Menu options and Links to the best recipes -

Toast Turkey

Glazed Ham

Roasted Vegetables

Seafood ideas

Salad ideas

Christmas Pudding & Sauce ideas -

Our puddings are fully cooked, however if you prefer them heated:

To heat Pudding: link -

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree

It is definitely okay to put your Christmas Tree up in July!  Whenever you are putting up your tree, make sure you have time, patience and definitely Christmas Carols lifting the occasion. 

Festive Table

A festively decorated Christmas table is one of the most joyous things, along with the Christmas tree and presents. The whole family will gather around the table and if you are hosting Christmas in July, you want your table setting to be as festive as possible.  This doesn't have to cost a fortune, if there is a special theme or colour (for example Navy & Gold) you are after, then it is always better to think about it in advance, so you can buy or make centrepieces and other things according to your specific theme and budget.