How to dress a Pudding

How to dress a Pudding

Brandy Custard Sauce

Food is not only necessary for our survival; it also inspires us to be creative and innovative. For centuries, avid cooks and professional chefs have created painstakingly perfect pieces of edible art. I love Christmas pudding, but to be honest, not much has improved to the aesthetics of it since it was invented in the 17th Century.

There’s no doubt about it, pudding isn’t pretty. Even though we feel strongly about the importance of what’s on the inside, here are some ideas on how to dress up a Christmas pudding or any sort of pudding to make it look as apertising as it tastes.

Condiments to compliment

Delectable serves of sauce, custard and cream on top of or next to any type of sweet treat screams “eat me!”. At Newcastle's Pudding Lady, we have a range of premium sauces, all made with brandy, that perfectly complement our Christmas puddings.

One of our favourites is the Brandy Butter. It is extra thick and designed to be spooned over your Christmas pudding after it has been warmed. Brandy Butter will melt through the pudding and add an extra richness. For a unique twist, it’s is also excellent on waffles, pancakes and raisin toast.

Other saucy treats in our range include Brandy CustardBrandy Vanilla Sauce, Spoonable Chocolate Sauce and Spoonable Caramel Sauce. Try these on all sorts of puddings throughout the year!

Decorating delight

Nothing says “Christmas” like a sprig of holly. While this seems an obvious decorative choice, go one step further and add a large white chocolate snowflake by leaning it up against each serve of Christmas pudding. Melt some premium quality white chocolate, scoop it up with a spoon and drizzle it over a sheet of baking paper in a pretty snowflake pattern. Leave it to cool and harden and voila!

Or, using one of your favourite Pudding Lady Brandy sauces, drizzle a snowflake pattern over the plate, place your serve of Christmas pudding on top of it, and place a couple fresh, decorative cherries for colour.