How To Heat Your Christmas Pudding

How To Heat Your Christmas Pudding

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All our delicious puddings come to you fully cooked and vacuum-sealed for total food safety. All puddings taste exceptionally good at room temperature, but should you choose to heat your pudding here are a few suggested ways:

Preferred method: Remove pudding from outer packaging (calico or canister) and make a couple of holes in the vacuum seal bag. Place into your microwave. ON MEDIUM reheat the pudding for around 1 minute per 500gms. This will warm the pudding without cooking it further. Because we all have a particular temperature at which we enjoy our pudding most, allow extra time for a really hot pudding. It’s your choice – just be sure to not overdo it because it is already fully cooked.

Alternative method: Remove pudding from out packaging (calico or canister) and place into boiling water in the vacuum-sealed bag. There is no real need to wrap in cloth because the pudding is already fully sealed. Place into boiling water for “a while” – remember it is already fully cooked and this method is only to warm it slightly. It certainly will NOT require “hours” in the water like Granny’s! When you take it out of the water, carefully remove the vacuum seal and the inner skin.

Or there are these methods: You may prefer to warm your round pudding in your slow cooker in a convenient place away from the hustle of preparation. This method will take longer, but maybe more convenient and the timing is less critical.

Because the pudding is fully cooked, why not place it (in its vacuum bag) into a baking dish of hot water and allow it to sit in your oven at around 65oC. Again timing is not critical so whether it is there for 40 mins or 4 hours makes little difference. Remember, just 65oC, which is well below boiling point.

Perhaps you would like to try our family’s favourite Boxing Day method: Pan fry a slice of pudding in a little butter and a dash of brandy over medium heat. The sugars in the fruit tend to caramelise! Serve with cream.

If you are camping at Christmas, just leave your pudding in your car in the sun for an hour or so and it will be the perfect temperature to eat!

Logs will take less time to warm than round puddings.