Going Stir Crazy!

Going Stir Crazy!

I want to take my top off and go out.

I’m going stir crazy, tired of feeling locked up and shut away.

Everyone knows me as the highlight at the end of the dinner party, taken out once or twice a year, dressing up for special occasions.

I’m the secret sweet bit on the side.

But I am so much more.

I want to try fancy cocktails and be a part of mixing things up a little. Sure, a little bit of alcohol makes me a party favourite. That’s just me.

I want to explore other opportunities. I want to try new experiences, hook up over a coffee date or brunch. I want to spread myself around more, feel on top again.

I want to be the big spoon to someone’s small spoon and the small spoon to someone’s big spoon, either way, I’m totally up for spooning, I’m a sweet treat.

My name is Brandy.

Brandy Custard Sauce (/Or Brand Butter), try me here.

….and I can be extra thick if you want me to be.

Come meet me at The Pudding Lady here.

I am the ultimate accompaniment to any Pudding Lady sweet treat.

Brandy Custard Sauce  - Pudding Lady sweet Sauce

New ideas for your Puddings Lady favourite dessert sauce.

Everyone loves a good life hack, especially in the current times we are experiencing.

Let us get your creative ideas flowing. We would love to hear your ideas on how you made dessert sauces extra memorable. Write to us at admin@hhgourmet.com.au.

Our range of sweet dessert sauces are the secret you may not want to share with your friends!

Add a dash of Brandy Vanilla Liqueur to your next coffee!

Brandy Vanilla Liqueur - brandy coffee liqueur

  • Can’t travel to Spain, bring this Spanish version of coffee & brandy to you. Café Carajillo, is a short coffee such as espresso shot or piccolo and add a shot of Pudding Lady Brandy Custard sauce.
  • How about France, nope, we can’t go there either, but we can bring a little Paris to your coffee. Caramel Sauce, or as it is in French Dulce De Leche, is DeLicious! Delicious in anyone’s language. Add a spoonful of caramel sauce to a shot of espresso, sweet and warm to kick start the day.
  • Chocolate for Breakfast, Yes please! Smoothie bowls or granola mix, fresh fruit and yoghurt finished with a dollop of Chocolate Sauce
  • Banoffee pancakes or pikelets with Caramel Served with caramelised pears or seasonal fresh fruit & berries.
  • If something sweet and savoury is more your thing, Chocolate, olive oil and sea salt on sourdough toast. Pan fry sourdough in butter, spread chocolate sauce, top with a little olive oil and sea salt. Add banana slices and strawberries if desired 
  • Reach for the Brandy Butter next time you are making waffles or raisin toast. Or try drizzling some Brandy Vanilla Liqueur over your pancakes!

Delicious pancakes with Brandy Vanilla Liqueur sauce

Dessert Time

  • Homemade ice cream – add dash of Brandy Custard Sauce to the final stages of homemade ice cream or stir through store bought vanilla ice cream and reset in freezer before serving.
  • Or even better, loaded ice cream! Roughly chop any of the Pudding Lady puddings into 1cm cubes, crumble and fold through ice cream, reset in freezer for a few hours before serving (if you can wait!)
  • Doughnuts, who doesn’t love doughnuts? Dip fresh warm cinnamon doughnuts or churros into the Pudding Lady decadent spoonable Chocolate sauce.
  • Netflix and a snack, with crisp apples and pretzels dunked in luscious Pudding Lady Caramel sauce, or fresh popped salty popcorn with caramel sauce folded through.
  • Vegan Friendly desserts, try Brandy Vanilla Liqueur sauce here. Homemade roasted banana ice cream with coconut milk, topped with Brandy Vanilla Liqueur sauce.


What goes better with Alcohol?

Answer, more alcohol!

  • Brandy Alexander, a chocolatey, creamy and smooth cocktail. Try adding in a little Brandy sauce for that little extra decadence.  Get inspiration here
  • Enhance a creamy vanilla brandy cocktail by adding the butterscotch flavour of Brandy Vanilla Liqueur sauce, vegan friendly. Add coconut cream instead of cream to make vegan friendly.
  • How about a caramel espresso martini or caramel mudslide. Enough said.


Dulce De Leche Caramel Sauce - Pudding Lady sweet sauce


Or when you want to keep things simple:

Spoonable Chocolate. Serving suggestion: Straight from spoon. Life hack, you’re welcome!