Father's Day

Father's Day

"A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow." unknown

That special first Sunday in September…… Father’s Day! The day we stop to recognise the important role Fathers, Grandfathers and Father figures play in the family unit. It is the perfect opportunity to arrange a family get together to enjoy a few laughs, courtesy of the infamous “Dad Jokes”, share family stories and of course indulge in the obligatory Father’s Day BBQ.

Contents of BBQ gift box shown in lovely kitchen setting

Treat Dad to our beautifully presented BBQ Gift Hamper. Who doesn’t love a gift hamper? This pack is sure to inspire his creative cooking talents!

The first week of Spring also suggests a wonderful time to get outdoors and let Dad be the centre of attention as he whips up a storm on the BBQ. Our BBQ Gift Box includes our favourite marinade, award winning Balsamic Dressing and a couple of other champions, and they are certain to add to Dad's hero status for the day! This gourmet gift will have the family singing Dad's praises as the King of BBQ all afternoon!

Father cooking BBQ with his son in back yard

Let’s complete the gourmet experience with a Gift Pack for the chocolate-loving Dads, which Grandpa is sure to be more than happy to share with the family! The decadence and indulgence on offer will satisfy the sweet tooth in us all.

Choc and Pecan cake, choc delite bites and choc sauce all shown in beautiful packaging from the Pudding Lady

D A D: Three letter word……… Lifetime of meaning.