Chocoholics  Beware!

Chocoholics Beware!

Chocolate Delite Bites

Our Delite Bites are a sweet and satisfying creation that merges the best parts of chocolate and pudding in a delightful, bite sized morsel!

They are covered in a deliciously decadent chocolate coating and promise a rich, smooth and indulgent centre.

Each bite is bursting full of subtle spices and fruitful fancy – be that sultana, raisin, currant, date and the subtle citrus zest of candied orange peel.

Small, yet full of flavour, this gourmet chocolate treat is luxuriously soft, and enhanced by a dash of vanilla, the spirit of brandy, and premium dark chocolate that will melt in your mouth!

Discover our Delite bites today – they can’t wait to be enjoyed alongside your morning or afternoon tea or as a perfectly portioned dessert for one or more.
Beautifully boxed, these also make excellent gifts for the chocolate and pudding lover in your life.

chocolate bite sized treat being dipped into chocolate sauce - Pudding Lady

Chocolate Cake with Pecan

Smooth, indulgent dark chocolate reigns supreme in this decadent chocolate mud style cake. Oh, and there is certainly no shortage of pecans – nut lovers will adore their generous presence!

The delicious flavours and texture of deluxe chocolate and pecan are enhanced by the presence of sweet cherries for a little fruitful fancy.

The highest quality egg, flour, sugar and butter (just as you’d expect from the Pudding Lady) have been used to create this showstopping cake.

It is an ideal dessert treat to can keep on hand for any occasion; from morning or afternoon tea, to special get togethers or hosting.

Although this cake is simply moreish as is, we also love pairing with the Pudding Lady Dulce de Leche/caramel sauce, a little vanilla bean.

decadent pecan and chocolate cake pictured with a piece cut #puddinglady

Chocolate Sponge Pudding

Baked to perfection, this rich, sweet and indulgent “never say no” pudding celebrates all things decadent and chocolatey.

The presence of premium dark chocolate is elevated by some very special additions, including a dash of distilled Australian brandy, the rich, smooth goodness of golden syrup, a gentle hint of natural vanilla and the subtle spice of aromatic cinnamon.

The highest quality flour, sugar, butter and free range egg have been used to lovingly bake this sponge pudding to mouth-watering marvelousness.

The symphony of flavours has been thoughtfully hand-selected to satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings with a treat that is never sickly.

We highly recommend enhancing the taste with the dessert sauce of your preference – we love a little caramel or brandy custard with some vanilla bean ice cream on the side…just delicious!

amazing chocolatey sponge pudding dripping with indulgent choc sauce #puddinglady

Chocolate Fruit Cake

This cake celebrates the perfectly vine ripened fruits of Christmas Cake with the sweet and indulgent deliciousness of chocolate. The result is a combination that can’t be missed!

Our Chocolate Fruit Cake is deliciously moist and rich, with a soft, inviting texture that almost melts in your mouth.

It’s bursting with whole pieces of sweet cherries and sultanas and is balanced by the nuttiness of almond and presence of delicate spices like cinnamon.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the silky, dark chocolate sweetness, you’ll also discover a subtle hint of coffee to tantalise your tastebuds.

Given the medley of perfectly balanced quality ingredients, each mouthful of this cake is a little different and you’ll be in for a unique surprise with each bite when indulging in this ultimate cake treat!

beautiful chocolate fruit cake covered in almonds and cherries #puddinglady

And these are just the newies!