A Gift Guide to Help you Choose Thoughtful Presents for any Occasion

A Gift Guide to Help you Choose Thoughtful Presents for any Occasion

We love the joy that comes with gifting, and the wonderful look of delight and surprise on someone’s face when they receive a thoughtful present. One of the best approaches to ensure gifting success is to understand your recipient’s passion and interests, and gift to it!

At the end of the day, when it comes to family and friends – you know them best, so trust your instincts!  Here is some inspiration for you:


We all know at least one individual who loves indulging in great cuisine and prizes a delectable dessert or savoury treat very highly (in our case, it’s us!).  A hamper curated with foodstuff you think they will love makes a fabulous present at any time of year, especially birthdays and Christmas! The best ones have non-perishable treats with long shelf lives, so they don’t have to eat everything at once.


 Pudding Lady Traditional Hamper

Image of beautiful Pudding Lady food hamper with lots of yummy goodies

Our bountiful Traditional Hamper is the perfect way to enjoy delicious desserts on any occasion (and gift extra special presents for Christmas time, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and more)!

It is full of delightful surprises; including our Traditional Round Pudding, bursting with rich, vine ripened fruits and superb spices from across the globe (after all, it’s an award-winner for a reason)! All our puddings are wrapped in a traditional cloth and tied with a ribbon for a tradition finish.

There’s also a home-style Christmas Cake, crafted with love (and premium quality ingredients) from a Pudding Lady family recipe.

A bottle of brandy custard sauce to complement and elevate the flavours in these desserts.  Also included is a box of Traditional Pudding Infused Cookies for that extra something.

Click here to view this gift.

Premium Gift Box

Beautiful Premium Gift Box showing pudding, cake and sauce from Pudding Lady

The perfect gift for anyone who adores the traditional taste and nostalgia of home-style, classic desserts.

Texture, taste and tradition combine in our Premium Gift Box, that makes any occasion a special (and delicious) one for the recipient.

The aroma of our award-winning Traditional Pudding tells a tale of what is to come; mouthfuls of vine ripened fruits, dashes of brandy, spices (and more) unite inside a pudding that has been boiled to perfection.

Meanwhile, our baked Christmas Cake offers a scrumptious, mouth-watering and flavoursome dessert – full of rich, dried fruits, citrus, spices, brandy and topped with almonds and cherries.

Add some Brandy Custard as a creamy, delicious finishing touch to these festive, favourite desserts.

Each pudding is lovingly hand wrapped and tied with a ribbon, and the items are beautifully packaged inside our exclusive Pudding Lady gift box.

Discover more about the pack here.


Do you have a friend or family member who tears up a little whenever they read a beautiful card or see a heartful photograph? A sentimental gift from the heart will mean the most to this person in your life!


  • Handmade Gift,

For instance, drink coasters, a photo album, knitted blanket or scarf

  • Personalised Gift

You may wish to get a piece of jewellery engraved or embossed champagne flutes

  • A Memory Gift

Such as a framed photograph or their favourite book

  • To the Heart via the Stomach

For example, gift them their favourite food, such as a pudding, cake, chocolates, cheese board or wine…the list goes on!


For friends and family members who are most at home in the great outdoors, and love being outside some ideal gift ideas include:

  • A Collection of delicious dressings set for the ultimate in salad magic. Take a look at the Pudding Lady Simply Stirred Try Me Dressing Gift Box here!

Four bottles of Simply Stirred dressings on a wooden platter with decoration

  • A picnic hamper or picnic set that includes a blanket and plastic goblets


Is there a simple, but lovely gift you can keep on hand for almost any occasion – be that a retirement gift, Mother’s Day gift, get well soon gift, thank you gift or gift for your dinner host? Yes!

Often, for instances like these you can stand out by choosing something a little different that the bearer can enjoy right away, or any time in the future; a present that requires little assembly and effort on their part.

We believe you can never go wrong with a ready-to-go 500g traditional log pudding, and some decadent brandy custard sauce! These two items come in a lovely gift box from The Pudding Lady here.


For the person who has (almost) everything, or is a little tricky to buy for, gift cards are a fail-safe way to put the beauty of choice back in their hands so they receive a gift they love!

Cash can be a little impersonal for some people or occasions, so a gift card combines effort with variety, and are also a great option for people who may have specific lifestyles such as vegan, gluten free or allergies to certain materials or ingredients!

If you’d like to choose a Pudding Lady gift card, click here!

We hope this helps you with your Australian gifting choices for any, and every, occasion under our sun. Explore the full range of gift packs here, there are so many to choose from!