5 Simple Ways to Re-use and Recycle your Pudding Calico Material Wrapping

5 Simple Ways to Re-use and Recycle your Pudding Calico Material Wrapping

Did you know the earliest use of a pudding cloth dates back to 1617? Although a lot has changed since then, we still opt to use white or natural coloured material that is dye and chemical free, to protect the tasty pudding that lays within.

We love how pudding cloths and bags are still used today to offer a traditional touch and handmade finish to your delicious pudding. Moreover, they serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to other plastic wraps and can be easily upcycled, recycled and reused in simple, handy ways around the home (and even in gifting).

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If you’d like to give a second life to your little pudding cloth wrapping, we share our quick and easy top tips below:

Step one – clean your calico

Well actually, step one is to enjoy eating your pudding, but this is a close second!

We suggest a gentle hand wash with one tablespoon of liquid detergent and two cups of warm water

  • You can blot on any stained areas or submerge entirely in a bowl and air dry.

Now let’s get down to business! 


Our Pudding Lady calico is ideal for general purpose cleaning, whenever you need to wipe up accidental spills, remove dust or clean surfaces that require a gentle touch. Oh, and what about those frustrating bits of sticky residue that remain once you’ve peeled off adhesive stickers and price tag labels! Our tip: add some citrus oil to your pudding cloth and it will be much easier to lift off – just make sure it’s a safe surface first though 😊. 


Our pudding calico is also great as a gift bag for deli meats such as ham, or for storing fresh produce that need some room to breathe outside of plastic in the fridge, like green beans or herbs such as basil and parsley. You can also gift herbs to neighbours and friends in a pudding bag if you have a herb garden at home (much nicer than a plastic seal baggie)! 

If you’re trying to accelerate ripening for ingredients like avocados or mushrooms, place them in your calico and wrap and tie as it functions similarly to a brown paper bag.

5 simple ways to re-use and recycle your pudding calico material wrapping

Now, time for some easy creativity! 


You don’t have to be a sewing whiz to create a quick and easy drawstring bag. These bags can function as a soft container for odds and ends, and also make great little holders for on-the-go snacking, such as nuts. Young ones also love these as lolly bags – so you may wish to create and keep a few on hand for when those birthdays or visits pop up. 

To craft this baggie, simply cut to square, fold and press fabric in half, and fold and press any raw edges. Then sew the side seams and the bottom, and clip the bottom corners. Leave an entrance and opening to thread the first drawstring through, forming a loop at one end using a safety pin. Repeat on the opposite side with the second thread so when you pull on each side it will close!

To make things a little more exciting if you wish, stamp one (or both) sides; if for a gift, try a heart, or their name initials, or a chevron pattern. Just make sure you place a piece of cardboard in the middle when you press down so it doesn’t go through to the other side!

Voila! You’ve made yourself a fabulous drawstring pouch, and all from a pudding calico wrapping.

5 simple ways to re-use and recycle your pudding calico material wrapping

This lovely Christmas placemat was made with calico from our puddings, by one of our beautiful customers in Victoria during lockdown.  Such creativity! 


These sweet-smelling sachets are SO simple to create from your pudding calico wrapping! All you have to do is sew a little pouch as above in #3. To keep things even easier, forgo the drawstring and leave the top open and tie it closed with a ribbon instead.

5 simple ways to re-use & recycle your pudding calico material wrapping

Fill your soon-to-be-sachet with an assortment of dried lavender, rose petals and other strongly scented florals you love (even a little pinch of talcum powder if you would like). Then place them in your drawers and other storage areas for a fresh scent and fragrant smell. Your bespoke potpourri mix can be easily replaced whenever the scent dissipates. 


If you have ten minutes to spare and fancy protecting your surfaces with some pretty calico drink coasters, this one is for you! Pending how many pudding wraps you have on hand, you could make an entire set, or give as a thoughtful handmade present.

Apart from your calico, this craft requires some fusible fleece (that can be ironed on to the calico), or thin batting for inside (and also equip yourself with some pins too!).

Once cut to size (however large you’d like for your cup/s), quickly sew all around leaving a little edge. Keep them minimalist and understated, or decorate as you see fit with some ribbon, lace or pompom trim for extra character.  We don’t think anyone will be able to guess they once belonged around a delectable pudding!

If you want to get a little more sophisticated, why not create a quilted pattern on each coaster?

Well, that’s it pudding lovers – 5 quick ways you can revive and reuse your pudding calico. If you are in need of another ready to eat, rich, delectable pudding, you can choose the perfect size for your needs right here!