Making Our Puddings

Newcastle's Pudding Lady staff making Christmas puddingsMaking Christmas Pudding at Newcastle's Pudding Lady is a 30 year old tradition and we still make our Christmas and dessert puddings by hand from the very best quality ingredients.  We use only premium ingredients including eggs, fresh orange juice, butter, flour, real breadcrumbs, Australian brandy and the highest grade of mixed fruits.

After hand mixing, each pudding is weighed out into a lined Pudding cloth, tied up individually, and boiled in our coppers for at least 5 hours. Each pudding is hung to dry and mature on a clothes line, unwrapped, resealed and hand decorated for sale. This traditional cooking method ensures the integrity of our original recipe remains in all our Puddings.

Today the tradition continues, using the same handmade techniques and practices and the same blend of quality ingredients that were used all those years ago in the first prize winning recipe, without preservatives or artificial additives.
Newcastle's Pudding Lady staff mixing Christmas Pudding ingredients
All our puddings are fully cooked and ready to serve. If you would like to warm your Pudding prior to serving, simply heat in the microwave for approx 60 seconds for each 500 grams or boil in the cloth for 30 minutes for each 500 grams. Alternatively you can slice off individual serves and heat in your microwave for 20 seconds or until the desired temperature is achieved.

All our products have been shelf life tested and packaging carries a BEST BEFORE date. This varies by product as follows

Christmas Range  - 30 months from date of manufacture 
ChocFusions  - 16 months from date of manufacture
Cakes - 12 months from date of manufacture
Sauces - 2 years from date of manufacture