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Newcastle's Pudding Lady started in a classic manner with a "few puddings" being made one Christmas for family and friends. The recipe had been a family favourite for years and has been handed down through the generations.

Over the years that followed, demand for these handmade, traditional Christmas puddings grew steadily. In 1980 formal business operations commenced with significant volumes of Christmas and dessert puddings being made. Sales increased through community fairs, local stores and as a growing number of family and friends became interested.

puddingladyhistoryWith such a response, the name "Newcastle's Pudding Lady" was adopted for the business, and a dedicated production process started each Christmas season. In 1988 Grace Bros (now Myers) placed their first order for Christmas and dessert puddings to be sold through their stores. This lead was followed in 1989 by David Jones. The accolades continued to flow with the Sydney Morning Herald voting the recipe as "Australia's Best Christmas Pudding".

In 1992, due to increasing popularity and demand for the Christmas and dessert puddings, and having outgrown the downstairs kitchen in the family home, a new purpose built commercial kitchen was constructed in the Newcastle suburb of Cardiff.

Throughout the 1990's the business continued to develop and sales increased with new retailers and new distribution channels coming on board. Export sales also commenced with small quantities being sent to USA, Japan and the United Kingdom.

In 2002, the Melbourne Herald Sun conducted a taste test of 10 puddings and voted Newcastle's Pudding Lady the best pudding (without nuts).

Early in 2003 the original owners sold the business, passing on the traditional Christmas pudding recipe. The current owners commenced operations from the same Newcastle kitchen in May 2003 using the same recipes and processes that have been present in the business since its inception.

Since then, new award winning ranges and flavours have been released including the very successful FruitFusions and ChocFusions ranges. Of more recent times, the "Classic" range of dessert puddings has become available and pioneered a new taste sensation to Australian families.