Using Leftover Christmas Pudding - "Easy As" Rum Balls

Using Leftover Christmas  Pudding – ‘Easy As’ Rum Balls
12 November 2010 by Peter Watson

Here’s a great recipe for making rum balls from leftover Christmas puddings.

Take any left-over pudding you have [note pudding needs to be of the really moist variety just like Newcastle Pudding Lady’s]

Break the pudding up into a bowl until it is very loose.

Drizzle with some (depends on your own taste!) rum … or brandy … or cherry liqueur … and let it sit for a while.

Roll the pudding back together into balls about bite-sized and give them a good squeeze.

Warm some apricot jam and roll the balls lightly in first the jam and then chocolate sprinkles … or …crumbled flaky chocolate … or crushed nuts … or…anything else you can think of

Very edible!!!!!!