The Magic Pudding is also a Lucky Pudding

Celebrating Christmas in July isn’t just a great way to theme a party, but it’s a great excuse to get family and friends together to enjoy each other’s company over a meal. At Newcastle’s Pudding Lady we love tradition and that’s why we want to share with you some ideas to make your mid-year celebrations even more memorable with some age-old customs.

There are lots of superstitions surrounding Christmas pudding. A common one that Grandma may have delighted you with was inserting a coin or token into your Christmas pudding. Whoever found it would get to keep it and experience good fortune over the coming year.

You could insert a coin into your Christmas pudding once it’s cooked. 

Another superstition says that Christmas pudding should be made with 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his Disciples and that every member of the family should take turns to stir the pudding with a wooden spoon from east to west, in honour of the Wise Men.

Traditionally puddings were made on the Sunday before Advent Sunday (usually four to five weeks before Christmas.) The day became known as "Stir-up Sunday" as the children would stir the Christmas pudding mixture and make a wish.

Whether you have children or if you’re simply young at heart, you can involve everyone in the household in preparing the Christmas pudding by getting them to make a wish while doing so.

When you think about decorating a Christmas pudding, what do you imagine? A sprig of Holly? Traditionally this represented the Crown of Thorns that Jesus was made to wear, but in the Middle Ages, people believed that holly had healing powers and brought good luck to the household.

You could use this particular custom or put your own twist on it to make sharing your Christmas pudding even more warming and memorable for your guests.

Pudding is a special meal that should be shared with loved ones – and sharing time with loved ones should never be savoured for just one day of the year. Get your friends and family together to celebrate Christmas in July. Merry Christmas!