How to Make Christmas in July Special with Pudding Flavoured Cookies

How to Make Christmas in July Special with Pudding Flavoured Cookies

No Christmas in July festive celebration is complete without the food – namely, dessert!

For years, puddings have been front and centre on the dining table, and now we have something new to add alongside – our Pudding Lady cookies!

Pudding Lady Pudding Flavoured biscuits cookies

They come in three sumptuous pudding infused flavours:

Traditional Pudding
Decadent Chocolate Pudding
Classic Sticky Date Pudding

If you’d like to make these delectable little mouthfuls even more festive, we have some easy suggestions and tips on how to do so for your Christmas in July celebration!


1. Dress them up with a festive Christmas in July theme

  • Simple: Food Colouring

Adding a drop of red or green food colouring to the light, golden colour of our Traditional Pudding or Classic Sticky Date Pudding cookies makes them look even more the part for your Christmas in July spread.

Best of all, it doesn’t change the flavours – you’ll still be treated to a melt-in-your-mouth medley of rich, vine ripened fruits, lingering citrus notes and subtle delicate spices with each bite of Traditional Pudding cookies.

The same can be said for the Classic Sticky Date Pudding cookies. They include the best flavours of this favourite English dessert in cookie form; imagine perfectly ripened, premium dates and moreish cultivated Australian honey, baked to golden perfection.

  • A Little More: Festive Icing

You can make your own icing or use pre-made icing to create Christmas in July themed shapes on the cookies; such as stars, snowflakes, hearts, green/red/white stripes or other patterns.

Our Decadent Chocolate Pudding cookies are fabulous for this, and the icing only enhances the deluxe, real chocolate pieces and vine-ripened fruity flavours that still shine through wonderfully.

Texturally, it adds a little something extra to an already delightful cookie, baked to a Goldilocks level of perfection!


2.  Christmas in July Cookie Serving Suggestions

  • Pudding Lady Sweet Dessert Sauces

Brandy custard and sticky date pudding are a winning flavour combination - which is why this sauce also works so well with the Sticky Date Pudding Infused Cookies!

You can swirl a little Brandy Custard Sauce on the cookies or on the side of the plate to enhance and elevate the shortbread like texture and blissful date and honey notes.

The sauce also pairs beautifully with the Traditional Pudding Cookies, but a great alternative is to soak them for just a few seconds in our Vanilla and Brandy Liqueur Sauce.

This is also a great tip if you prefer a softer cookie or plan to add cream, custard or ice cream on top of your cookies in a bowl…which brings us to our next suggestion:

  • Cookie Ice Cream Surprise

This simple recipe can be replicated with any of the cookie flavours in the pudding range; Traditional Pudding, Decadent Chocolate Pudding, or Sticky Date Pudding – and tastes even better when you mix two or more flavours together!

Simply pick your favourite and warm the cookies in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.

Then spoon over some vanilla bean ice cream (or another flavour of your choice) and finish with a drizzle of Spoonable Caramel Sauce or Spoonable Chocolate Sauce!

These two sauces bring a little extra indulgence, and are a luscious, easy addition to this deliciously simple dessert you can enjoy anytime, including Christmas in July!

Optional twist on the Cookie Ice Cream Surprise;

- Blend some Puddling Lady cookies in a blender/food processor, or chop them up into smaller pieces
- Mix with ice cream, and fruit, such as spiced apple or pear (very festive!), warm banana or fresh berries for a fruity touch.
- Sprinkle with a little cinnamon or your favourite Pudding Lady dessert sauce!


3. Table Surprises!

  • Hungry Elf/Santa’s Little Helper

If you place a small cookie cutter over two thirds of each Pudding Lady cookie and press down, you can create the impression that one (or more) of Santa’s little helpers were hungry and had a cheeky nibble of the cookie!

If time is of the essence, a simpler way to achieve this is to just cut the cookie in half.

This is a cute, festive touch for children and adults alike; especially if you place the cookies on a plate on the table next to a toy elf to create a back-story!

  • Festive Tableware

The best thing about our cookies isn’t just that they are perfectly balanced delicate flavours that aren’t too sweet – but that they are so easy to keep on hand and serve.

All you really need is to pick your favourite festive table wear, spread the cookies out within arm’s reach, and you have a crowd-pleasing dessert ready to go!

You can also keep them as festive Christmas in July gifts since they come in beautiful gift boxes.

But be warned; one scrumptious cookie is never enough… after the first, you’ll be left wanting another one! If you ask us, it’s not a bad problem to have! After all, Christmas in July is all about celebrating these little things and spending special time with the people you love.

You can shop the cookie range here and discover your favourite flavour!