Chocolate Pudding - a great alternative!

Not a fan of the traditional fruit Christmas Pudding? Or, perhaps you are just a die-hard chocoholic - we have something just for you!

Have you seen our Chocolate Pudding?

We take smooth, rich, dark chocolate and blend it into our classic pudding mix to create the perfect dessert range for the chocolate lover.

Packed in cloth wrap, our Chocolate Pudding is fully cooked and ready to serve. Our chocolate pudding can be heated gently in the microwave and served with Berry sauce, Double Chocolate sauce and double thickened cream, ice cream or custard.

chocolate pudding sml

Chocolate pudding is great presented with fresh berries and shaved chocolate or crumble flakey chocolate over the top for extra impact.

Along with a classic Chocolate Pudding, we also have other chocolate varieties including Chocolate & Macadamia nuts, Chocolate & Orange or Rum 'n' Rasin.

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